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Melamine Faced MDF is a product which can be found almost everywhere in our day to day life, in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and shops. In fact, melamine faced materials are used in practically everywhere around us.


It can be supplied in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, including popular wood-grain appearance and with today’s digital technologies that enable paper manufacturers to use sophisticated techniques to give us melamine surface that looks and feels like solid-wood, timbers, Metals, Wood veneers, Laminates and hand painted finishes.


It is a brilliant, and cost effective, besides it is highly recommended, especially to those working according to a tight budget.


Melamine-faced MDF and chipboard panels provide a hard, pre-finished surface which is ready for installation, easy to maintain and extremely hardwearing.


The available choices of finishes are enormous and ever-growing – needless to say that whatever the effect or color you require we will have the suitable product. This multi-purpose paneling looks great, in addition to being scratch and stain resistant, which makes it perfect for interior commercials or to use in manufacturing furniture. Whether classic or contemporary, wood grain or high shine melamine finishes have kept a pace with interior design trends.

  • Royalwood produces panels covered with decorative paper, whereby Melamine resin-impregnated decorative paper is pressed onto MDF or Chipboards by low-pressure presses
  • Royalwood products are widely used in the furniture industry (kitchens, bedrooms, office furniture, home furniture, wall textures, doors, shelves, etc.)
  • Royalwood products have the advantage of high quality, as only the finest wood and decoration paper are used in their manufacture
  • Royalwood uses imported woods characterized by high quality specifications; thus giving its products the best international standards in terms of quality, durability and resistance






Thickness range (mm, nominal)

˂ 15

≥ 15 to 20

˃ 20

Tolerances on nominal dimensions
— Thickness relative to nominal value
— Thickness within the board
EN 14323-5.1:2004


± 0,3
for class 1+2 according to table 2
+0.5 / -0.3
“for class 3A,3B,4 according to
table 2 and all gloss finishes

± 0.5

t max – t min ≤ 0.6

Length and Width
— commercially available size
— pre-cut panels
EN 14323-5.1:2004


± 5
± 2.5

Flatness EN 14323-5.2:2004


≤ 2
Only for balanced surfaces

Edge damage
— commercially available sizes
— pre-cut panels
EN 14323-5.3:2004


≤ 10
≤ 3

Surface defects EN 14323-5.4:2004


Points ≤ 2


Length ≤ 20

Resistance to Scratching EN 14323-5.5:2004


≥ 1.5

Resistance to Staining  EN 14323-5.6:2004

Rating (Min.)


Resistance to cracking EN 14323-5.7:2004

Rating (Min.)


Resistance to abrasion of the decorative surface layer EN 14323-5.9:2004


Printed color:    IP = 50


WR = 150

Uni color:           IP =  150

WR = 350

Resistance to Cigarette burns EN 14323-5.10:2004

Rating (Min.)


Resistance to water vapour EN 14323-5.11:2004

Rating (Min.)

3 GF

4 OF

Resistance to Impact by Large Diameter Ball EN 14323-5.14:2004

mm (min)

Drop height :  800

mm (max)

Indent diameter : < 10 mm


Notes: EN = European Norm Standard , t = Nominal thickness, IP = Initial Point, WR = Wear Resistance, N = Newton, GF = Gloss Finishes, OF = Other Finishes.